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How to Create a Friendly Front Porch

Follow these 4 steps to make your porch a comfortable, welcoming space
Posted by Alisa Bonelli on July 30, 2019 in  uncategorized
Anne Colby July 21, 2019 Houzz U.S. Editor Your front porch can be a place where you greet guests, relax outside when the weather is good and connect with life on your street. You can make your porch a more comfortable and inviting entry area with just a few key elements, or you can turn it into a fully furnished outdoor room. Either way, you don’t need a huge space or budget to create a friendly ambiance. Here are ideas to get you started. Stono Construction LLC EmailSave 1. Make Your Porch A... read more

9 Quick Ways to Refresh a Room

Posted by Alisa Bonelli on July 22, 2019 in  uncategorized
When you long to freshen up a room but your hours or funds are limited, consider one or more of these speedy little projects. By dabbling in DIY or simply switching things around, you may be able to satisfy the urge for a new look without having to commit to a full-on makeover. Claire Clerc 1. Mimic the look of a headboard. A painted panel behind a bed makes a surprisingly effective headboard. Mark off the area with professional-quality painters tape to avoid color bleeds and achieve a neat edge. Then ... read more


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