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Crushing 2019 Goals

By Danielle Hage
Posted: December 27, 2018 by Danielle Hage

Are you ready to take on 2019 goals?  Don't sweat it, you've got this! 

As the new year approaches, most of us start to think about our
goals for the year ahead.  Here's the thing, we generally set 
our goals around "problems" we are battling, which starts the
year off on a negative note.  Instead, we should be thinking
about goals that inspire us.  Goals that are dream-driven and
make us feel good just thinking about them.  When we focus
on what we want in our lives instead of what is wrong in our lives, 
our energy is poured into achieving, not fixing.   

Strategies For Crushing Your 2019 Dreams


Write your goals down.  Every single day.  Write down the same
goals every morning.  As you write, meditate on your why.
What does it look like when you have accomplished the goal?
What does it feel like?  Focus on that feeling.  By repeating this
daily, you are reminding yourself to live out your day in a way
that will help you get closer to reaching your desires.


Slim it Down
Trying to take on a handful (plus) of goals is overwhelming.
You will find burn out and disappointment if you try to take
on too much.  This year, set one or two big goals.  By narrowing
your goals down, you can better set intention and pour more 
energy into really obtaining your desires.  

Tell two or three people who you trust to be honest with you what
your goals are.  Ask them to give you feedback and to check in 
with you.  With a team supporting you and cheering you on, 
you are more likely to keep pursuing your dreams and crushing
your goals.

Replace Behaviors

Instead of eliminating things to get you closer to your goals, try
replacing them with habits and behaviors that empower you.
If your goal is to lose 15 pounds, don't eliminate your daily
trip to the coffee shop that you look forward to - but grab an almond
milk latte with stevia instead of the usual caramel macchiato you get.
If you want to cut your drinking down to one night a week but look
forward to relaxing with a glass of wine after work each night, find
yourself a new special beverage to sit back with.  Instead of wine, maybe
it's a specialty tea or a cup of golden milk, something that you splurge
on and savor.  If you feel like you are depriving yourself of the things
you love, it will be much more difficult to stay committed to your goals.

Whatever your dreams and goals may be, just remember that you have
the power within yourself to achieve whatever it is that you set your
mind and heart on.

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